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A 360 social media launch strategy to support the rebrand of England Athletics' running participation offering

RunTogether is the new product offering from England Athletics, aimed at promoting inclusivity in running through providing fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive opportunities for everyone in England.

The rebrand (from what was previously known as Run England) was initiated as a reaction to insight into the primary requirement of runners/potential runners in England – the need to run with others.

Following a creative rebrand, new website & app build, we were brought in to form a 360 social media strategy to be rolled out on both the brand and Run Leader profiles.

A social strategy was created which considered the overall brand objectives and placed these in the context of the target audience and competitive landscape. The role of RunTogether on social media was defined through channel strategy, content theme development & customer service guidelines.

The strategy was then reformed into a toolkit, ready for Run Leaders to use in the set up/adaptation of their own running group profiles.

Since forming this strategy, the rebrand has launched across all platforms and is proving particularly successful on social channels – the perfect outlet for a community of like-minded runners who are looking for opportunities to “RunTogether”.