ME People

An influencer and content strategy built on a celebration of ME by Melia Guests

In 2014 the ME by Melia hotel chain tasked us with developing an effective on-brand content and influencer strategy - which delivered an impactful digital experience for guests and potential guests, and would become the always on content campaign for ME by Melia globally.

eight&four developed a campaign concept with influencers at the heart called ‘The ME People’. The concept would reside as a microsite and the content would be driven by guests, partners of the brand and influencers (bloggers, vloggers and instagrammers). The ME People in 2017 is a microsite which tells the story of the brand by people who love, stay and and create what ME by Melia is.

eight&four work on an on-going basis to drive content into this site by seeking relevant brand partners to highlight the key messages of the brand (most recently we have worked with up and coming film Director Charlie Blackford to deliver on the brand film in 2017). We have built an influencer network made up of fashion and music bloggers, vloggers and instagrammers who work with us to not only document their stays at the hotel (through content on their own channels) but also work with us to create unique content for the brand (for example, two of our influencers feature in the brand film mentioned above).  The influencers chosen have interests aligned with the brand’s passion points across fashion, music, art and travel, ensuring we reached our key markets and target consumers. They range from mega influencers (over 250k followers) to get mass exposure for the brand, to micro influencers (up to 50k followers) to reach a targeted and highly engaged audience.

Finally, we also put a spotlight on our guests by featuring them within our guest events gallery – driving brand advocacy for the long term and building a powerful and nostalgic gallery for previous guests to reflect back on and inspire them to visit ME again.

The results of a people-centric social strategy speak for themselves - we average over 1.8 million Twitter & 1.1 million Instagram impressions for #TheMEPeople each month and over 15k web sessions a month via social referral.

The ME People launched in July 2016. Go to themepeople.melia.com to explore the gallery, city guides and behind the scenes content.

The ME People are the soul of ME by Melia—their staff, their guests around the world, partners and influencers from the world of music, the arts, and travel. ME by Melia now collaborates with emerging artists and creators that help them tell their story, and all of this content lives in The ME People.