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eight&four Autumn Update!

23rd September 2010 | Anna Joyce

As always, it's been a busy few months here at eight&four! We've had so much going on since Anna arrived in June. The social media workshop was a roaring success and lots of our clients have really kick-started their social media campaigns since. The launch of in August has ...

In 30 Seconds

9 Top Tips for Social Media Success!

27th July 2010 | Kate Ross

As a digital marketing agency we are constantly getting asked about social media and how organisations can utilise it to promote their business. Is it a fad? Is it something we should get involved in? Exactly how do I use it? As always, the evolution of technology transforms the way we live our liv...

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Socially Speaking

29th March 2010 | Amy McCulloch

In the news last week it was announced that Facebook has overtaken Google to become the most visited website in the US for the first time. Wowzers, I thought (In a geek chic kinda way). A new study also revealed that the average Facebook member has 112 'friends', and that 56% of Facebook users visi...

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Geek Chic

15th February 2010 | Amy McCulloch

'Geek chic'? If you'd asked anyone in the 1980s what that was, they'd have said 'an oxymoron'. But the creation of this term in the 1990s and subsequent rise in popularity belies something no 80s jock could now deny - geeks are a lot cooler than they used to be. Since the breakout of the commercial ...


Get Savvy in 2010!

11th January 2010 | Kate Ross

Get Savvy in 2010 Amazon really didn't get big by accident, they are super, super savvy and their customer communication is second to none. I did the usual last minute shop on Amazon before Christmas. Delivery was sooner than promised and they even gave me a further discount on a product because aft...

Spotlight On now launched!

8th December 2009 | Anna Joyce

Back in September, eight&four won a Wandsworth Council contract (our first government contract!) to rebuild They were looking for the following : > Improve the look and usability > Allow local businesses to promote their businesses - both through the Business Directory, and...