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#SMWLDN: Instagram- Building a Global Community

20th September 2016 | Aoifa Smyth

With over 500 million global users, Instagram is constantly evolving to fulfil the needs of their users. What began as a filtering application, Instagram is now the second most popular social media app after Facebook. Their popularity has been apparent from the beginning. When they launched, followi...

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#SMWLDN: Social News and The Power Of Live Video

19th September 2016 | Tiffany Tant-Bevin

A conversation with Buzzfeed UK, Facebook, BBC News & The Economist on the emergence of Live Video for publishers. “Facebook has made it clear that it sees live video as the future of the social network”  - Fortune This panel at Social Media Week London unpacked best practice for usin...

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What Makes An Expert? Consistency In An Inconsistent Industry

18th August 2016 | Matthew Barrowclough

There are an incredible number of reasons to be excited about working in the digital media environment. The industry is constantly changing with new products, trends and developments to wrap your head around with each day providing opportunities for learning, testing and exploration. The drawback...

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Facebook Steals From Snapchat - Again

16th August 2016 | Aoifa Smyth

Not only has the world of social media been shaken by the recent news of Instagram stories, it now seems that Facebook is about to be the next platform to harness the use of short video and photo status updates – a la Snapchat. Facebook’s newest feature began testing last week on iOS and andr...

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Is Social Media Sustainable?

9th August 2016 | Jenna Vernon

In the wake of yet more changes to social platforms (if you haven’t heard about Instagram Stories yet, here’s everything you need to know), it’s difficult not to question how the industry can continue to scale long-term. Don’t get me wrong, the news of Instagram’s blatant copy of Snapch...

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Anti-Social: Instagram Stories

5th August 2016 | Paige Ardrey

Each week our anti-social bloggers will be bringing you the latest quarrels from our Social Team, debating for and against the newest social updates hot off the digital press. If you've yet to be reach by the drama emanating from social media circles this week, you needn’t worry. When it comes t...

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