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Introducing: Adobe XD - A Potential UX Powerhouse

25th March 2016 | Dan Westmancoat

Adobe have recently released a beta version of Adobe Experience Design CC (Adobe XD, formerly Project Comet), a tool from their Creative Cloud offering intended to create user experience prototypes for websites and apps.

Our design team have been investigating the tool recently and now it turns to our developers to explore the tool further over the coming months.

Adobe XD is promising a lot of impressive changes to the way we design and prototype websites and apps. From a technical point of view it will be interesting to see how closely this new tool can mimic device and browser performance; the last thing you want is a prototype with parts that work more smoothly than the final product.

Saying that, being able to more closely show and refine the experience the user will get from what we’re designing would make a huge difference to the design and build process as a whole, particularly when communicating how a website will work across mobile and tablet devices.

Whether it’s something we as an agency and indeed the industry will love remains to be seen, but the potential is exciting nonetheless.