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#InstagramME: Putting Influencer Strategy into Practice

20th March 2016 | Jane Bond
In many respects, influencers are key to making sense of the billions of pieces of content and words that are published throughout social media services. They are the ones we follow, trust, and ultimately help decide what will succeed or fail."
Mark Evans

As we are all aware, influencer strategy is quickly becoming one of the key players in the world of social media, and continues to grow in importance. From reach to engagement, awareness to credibility, on-boarding social media influencers is beginning to rival paid social in the world of audience acquisition and conversion. The big dogs, such as Zoella, Fleur de Force and Tanya Burr are leading the field in this youth craze, but how can brands get on-board with this revolution and make it work across a myriad of industries?

We used an event as the hook for one of our clients, ME London, as influencers were invited to attend the aptly named #InstagramME. As with many brands, one of our key challenges with this client is to build an organic audience. This audience must consist of quality people with the means of staying in a luxury 5* hotel [meaning cheap and easy giveaways are a no go]! We decided to link offline and online activity by inviting a group of 10 key social media influencers into the hotel for an afternoon of cocktails and canapés, providing them with the perfect image ammunition to build their social profiles.

**Tip #1: present the idea as ‘you help us to help you’, i.e. yes, we’d like you to mention our brand and get our name out there, but we are also facilitating your own professional growth by providing perfect photo opportunities.

The ingredients to success:

  1. A highly targeted list of influencer invitees, combining fashion, music, and F&B pillars
  2. A strategic communications policy to tempt them into the hotel
  3. Informed event planning [including enticing cocktails and canapés!]

**Tip #2: Arrange the event at a time that would be most convenient for your target audience. For example, this event was held from 1-3pm, suitable for those instagrammers with day jobs, allowing them to pop over during their lunch break. This also leaves the evenings free for the influencers, which tend to be their most in-demand time slots.

The results spoke for themselves. Using very low budget [only costing for the event itself], we were able to host 10 of London’s key instagrammers, resulting in at least 1 photo uploaded from each guest across numerous social channels.

And the results for ME London? Reaching a combined audience of over 250,000 accounts, nearly 40,000 likes on influencer content, over 500 comments and a significant acceleration in audience generation.

So there you have it, an influencer strategy implemented successfully. All it takes is some strategic planning, informed targeting and a dash of cocktails and canapés!