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Lead Ads & Facebook Custom Audiences

10th July 2016 | Phillip Cole

Facebook lead ads were introduced late last year and thus far our Media Team have been impressed with the new format.

Using lead ads to collect sign-ups for newsletters and events, price estimate requests, follow-up call requests and business information; Lead ads have proven themselves effective. However, despite their current success, these ads are set to become even more crucial to any digital advertiser’s armoury. Although this is currently only being tested for a small number of advertisers, you’ll soon be able to create custom lists based on lead ad responses.

So what does this mean for advertisers?

One of the problems with lead ads (for advertisers, not users) was that they kept users on Facebook. While this was great for creating a seamless experience, it stripped advertisers of the ability to create Website Custom Audiences based on people responses. It’s extremely helpful to know if a user clicked to open the form but didn’t submit, or clicked and submitted as this information can help us show the user a more relevant ad. With the addition of this new feature we will once again have this functionality.

We will now be able to split people into 3 different lists depending on their response to the lead ad:

  • Anyone who opened the form
  • People who opened but didn’t submit
  • People who opened and submitted

This means you now have the option of serving altered messages, perhaps highlighting additional benefits or reminding users that offers have a time limit, to those who were interested enough to click into the ad but were not motivated enough to convert originally. By generating urgency and communicating additional selling points you have a better chance of converting these warm leads.

Potential uses of the three audience options

  • Anyone who opened this form
    • As the largest audience this could be used for basic remarketing.
    • These people have chosen to engage with your brand and therefore may be a viable for further messaging and communication.
  • People who opened but didn’t submit form
    • Much like an “abandoned shopping cart” remarketing list an e-commerce site might use this, this audience should be used to remind re-inforce the benefits of the product/service you are marketing.
    • Do they need to be told about additional selling points or just a sense of urgency to make them come back convert?
  • People who opened and submitted form
    • This is your opportunity to up-sell – what other products/services could this audience be interested once they’ve converted.
    • Also this audience should be used to prevent budget wastage. Use this audience as an exclusion audience to prevent serving ads to people who have already opted in.

What next?

As this functionality is only currently available for a small number of advertisers, this sadly isn’t something that you can action today. However, it’s never too early to begin thinking of ways you could use these audiences in reference to your current lead ad activity, that way you’re prepared to utilise this function the moment it becomes widely available. With the speed that Facebook likes to implement new features and this functionality being a natural progression of the ‘Engagement on Facebook Custom Audiences’ we’re sure it won’t be long before we all have access to this shiny new feature.