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Spotlight on.....Google

23rd April 2014 | Laurence Stevens

You could be forgiven for thinking that Google is hardly ever out of the news. But with a series of recent developments, we thought it an appropriate time to do a quick round up of some of the more important stories that have been hitting the headlines recently – announcements that could have noti...

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Spotlight on...facebook video advertising

21st March 2014 | Laurence Stevens

After a series of delays, facebook video advertising  was finally offered as a service on the 13th March. The actual adverts are due to start appearing in News Feeds across the globe from late April of this year, and are restricted to a  snappy 15 seconds in length. History The launch of vid...

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Like! - A glance at social media website integration

25th November 2013 | Dan Westmancoat

Every quarter, each of the Development team spend two days away from client based work and undertake their own research where they have the opportunity to pursue their own particular interests or recent advances in the Development world. This month it was Dan’s turn, here are his thought on Social...

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Spotlight on …The Smart watch

30th October 2013 | Tiffany Tant-Bevin

There has been a lot of chatter around all of the smart watches that have been released this year: how they look, if they’re practical, do they really work and are they set to be a must-have? The hope is that pretty soon glancing at your watch for all your notifications and essential informatio...

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Spotlight on...Chirp

24th September 2013 | Tiffany Tant-Bevin

Chirp is a free App that enables sharing using sound. What does it do? Chirp is a simple way of sharing data between smartphones and is currently available for iPhone and Android. In a nutshell, it allows devices to ‘sing’ to each other using what they call an ‘electronic birdsong’, hence...

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Spotlight On...Strava Cycling and Running App

29th August 2013 | Stuart Wilson

 At the beginning of the month the head of our Development team, Stuart Wilson, travelled to Italy to complete a 1200km cycle ride from Rome to Grenoble. Here is Stuart’s breakdown of a clever little App he used to aid him on his travels called Strava:  Strava Strava is free to use and allows...