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Anti-Social: Instagram Stories

5th August 2016 | Paige Ardrey

Each week our anti-social bloggers will be bringing you the latest quarrels from our Social Team, debating for and against the newest social updates hot off the digital press. If you've yet to be reach by the drama emanating from social media circles this week, you needn’t worry. When it comes t...

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Spotlight on... Pinterest

1st July 2015 | Tiffany Tant-Bevin

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks online, and the third-largest social network behind Facebook and Twitter. Set to hit 50 million active users in 2016, Pinterest’s popularity needn’t be questioned. However Its profitability has been queried since the platform's launch, desp...

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The Klout Score: Measurable or Controversial?

14th February 2015 | Jane Bond

We’ve recently addressed the issue of Social Media reporting and the need to determine ROI. But what about the elephant in the room? The Klout score! Since its launch in September 2009, Klout has been victim to bundles of controversy, at its peak being named “socially evil” by CNNMoney. Alt...

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Finally Facebook can Donate!

11th November 2014 | Jenna Vernon

You've probably all seen the Facebook ‘Donate Now’ button pop up on your news feed over the past couple of days and we couldn't be happier about this latest development! Social media has turned many forms of communications on its head and although it’s not all perfect, the reach of these si...

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Spotlight on... Shazam

29th August 2014 | Lindsey Cockle

Since being founded in 1999, Shazam have been pushing the boundaries of their unique music-identification technology. The mobile app, which recognises music and TV through the use of an ‘acoustic fingerprint’, has been exploring new and innovative ways to connect with their consumers. Resonat...

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Spotlight on.....Apple

12th June 2014 | Laurence Stevens

It has been an interesting few months for the tech giant Apple. From purchasing Beats Electronics to the rumoured release of the iWatch later this year, wearable tech is steadily taking centre stage as one of the most significant developing trends. Wearable technology The purchase of Beats is ...

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