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Introducing: Adobe XD - A Potential UX Powerhouse

25th March 2016 | Dan Westmancoat

Adobe have recently released a beta version of Adobe Experience Design CC (Adobe XD, formerly Project Comet), a tool from their Creative Cloud offering intended to create user experience prototypes for websites and apps. Our design team have been investigating the tool recently and now it turns t...

Platform of the Month

Platform of the month - Tunepics

27th August 2014 | Amy McCulloch

Here at eight&four, we love social and the vast opportunities that it offers for business and so we’re always keeping a very close eye on the new platforms to arise – more recently Tunepics was the latest app to grab our attention. Launched earlier this year, Tunepics is social media with...

Platform of the Month

Platform of the Month – Wimbledon, Watson, and IBM

14th July 2014 | Laurence Stevens

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament and digital innovation aren’t exactly synonymous with one another. However, at the recent tournament IBM unleashed some amazingly sophisticated tech which is positioning Wimbledon as one of sports’ leading digital innovators. The digital partner - IBM To fulfil ...

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Buzzfeed briefing on sharable content

21st February 2014 | Jessica Walker

This morning, I attended a PR briefing with Buzzfeed UK Editor, Luke Lewis, to hear some of his insights into how brands can use the platform to create and promote sharable content. Luke, the former editor of NME, headed up Buzzfeed UK in March last year following its success across the pond. Tod...

Platform of the Month

Platform of the Month - Buzzfeed

25th November 2013 | Jessica Walker

BuzzFeed… As a society we’re obsessed with it. You can happily spend hours trawling through the wealth of viral content and never read the same thing twice. From the funny, to the heart wrenching, to the just plain strange, it delivers content that we can’t seem to get enough of. So how doe...

Platform of the Month

Platform of the Month #Dramaface

30th October 2013 | Tiffany Tant-Bevin

Today we launched an exciting new platform that we've built for Freesat. The concept is to engage the Freesat audience by getting them to show us their #Dramaface! The site, primarily for mobile use, enables users to show their reactions to TV programmes as they watch them. How it works Once...

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