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What Makes An Expert? Consistency In An Inconsistent Industry

18th August 2016 | Matthew Barrowclough

There are an incredible number of reasons to be excited about working in the digital media environment. The industry is constantly changing with new products, trends and developments to wrap your head around with each day providing opportunities for learning, testing and exploration. The drawback...

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Facebook Steals From Snapchat - Again

16th August 2016 | Aoifa Smyth

Not only has the world of social media been shaken by the recent news of Instagram stories, it now seems that Facebook is about to be the next platform to harness the use of short video and photo status updates – a la Snapchat. Facebook’s newest feature began testing last week on iOS and andr...

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Youth Targeting: The 'This Girl Can Run' Way

24th May 2016 | Jane Bond

“This is an urgent appeal. Every day, thousands of businesses post tweets and Facebook updates full of misunderstood memes, random emojis and references to Hotline Bling. In Latin, the disease is known as Millennial Stultus, though it’s more commonly known as downwiththekidsitis. It’s time for...

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Facebook News: An F8 Recap

20th April 2016 | Phillip Cole

The 2 days of announcements and discussion at the latest annual F8 Facebook conference have now ended and with all exciting developments that you may have missed, here’s a recap of the key announcements. Facebook Messenger The star of this years’ conference was undoubtedly Facebook messeng...

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#InstagramME: Putting Influencer Strategy into Practice

20th March 2016 | Jane Bond

“In many respects, influencers are key to making sense of the billions of pieces of content and words that are published throughout social media services. They are the ones we follow, trust, and ultimately help decide what will succeed or fail." – Mark Evans As we are all aware, influencer str...

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Voice Search: The Future of Online Marketing

16th February 2016 | Paige Ardrey

Voice Search has been a part of our messaging functions and apps since Siri launched in 2011, and as the popularity for voice-activated applications continues to rise it’s natural to see a knock-on effect in the way we speak to our devices, and consequently how we search online. It’s been rep...

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