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Fashion - Creative becomes Commercial

23rd September 2014 | Jane Bond

We recently attended one of the #LFW Talks Digital events – “Where do you draw the line between Creativity and Commerciality?” - hosted by a panel including ASAP54, Liberty London Girl and Henry Holland. It got us thinking, has fashion become a leading force in digital innovation? Or is digita...

Digital Trends

How Brands are leveraging ‘self-destructing’ photo apps

2nd September 2014 | Lindsey Cockle

As Snapchat shows it isn’t going anywhere fast, other social media giants are seen admitting defeat and jumping on the self-destructing photo band wagon too! In July this year Instagram revealed its own temporary photo messaging service; Bolt which in Snapchat style, allows you to send a photo ...

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Putting a price on ice!

1st September 2014 | Jenna Vernon

Unless you’ve been in a far away country with no access to the internet, media of any kind or come to mention it, humans in general, you will be aware of the latest social media charity craze – the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The latest charity tactic aimed to raise awareness and donations has ...

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Spotlight on... Shazam

29th August 2014 | Lindsey Cockle

Since being founded in 1999, Shazam have been pushing the boundaries of their unique music-identification technology. The mobile app, which recognises music and TV through the use of an ‘acoustic fingerprint’, has been exploring new and innovative ways to connect with their consumers. Resonat...

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AngularJS – Coding the future

14th July 2014 | Laurence Stevens

As each successive generation of laptop, smartphone, and tablet is launched, the cost and sophistication of technology improves. Consequently, web applications can now be made that are far more interactive – the domain of the JavaScript language and development framework AngularJS. AngularJS ex...

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Key Trend – iOS 8 announced

12th June 2014 | Laurence Stevens

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) ran from the 2nd – 6th June and the major highlight from the event was of course the new Apple software update, iOS 8. iOS 8 uses the iOS 7 design template but integrates a range of new features to keep existing users in the iOS ecosyst...

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