Digital Trends

The Importance of CRM for Higher Education Institutions

3rd June 2015 | Kate Ross

New digital technologies have enabled marketers diverse new ways to communicate with prospects – and with the complex consideration cycles prospective students undertake it’s a significant new opportunity for the sector. However with increasing customer touchpoints, new challenges arise aroun...

Digital Trends

The International Opportunity for UK Universities

13th May 2015 | Kate Ross

A recent Google Trends research report showed that now 40% of all global keyword searches for UK universities come from outside the UK. This indicates a phenomenal international interest in UK higher education institutions – and one that international prospects are taking to the internet to resear...

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Defining the Role of Social for Travel & Hospitality Brands

3rd May 2015 | Amy McCulloch

We firmly believe that the role of social is not channel specific. Like any other channel social should work to contribute in any of the following ways: Contributing to potential customer needs as they move through the consideration cycle Contributing to the needs of the customer pre/post ho...

Digital Trends

Evolving Digital Planning for the Higher Education sector

13th April 2015 | Kate Ross

One of the greatest changes in the rapidly evolving HE sector is the fragmentation of the traditional recruitment cycle. Increasing late demand signals a retreat from traditional deadlines, and in line with the increasing commercialisation of the sector exhibits a newly empowered consumer approac...

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The Klout Score: Measurable or Controversial?

14th February 2015 | Jane Bond

We’ve recently addressed the issue of Social Media reporting and the need to determine ROI. But what about the elephant in the room? The Klout score! Since its launch in September 2009, Klout has been victim to bundles of controversy, at its peak being named “socially evil” by CNNMoney. Alt...

Commentary | Digital Trends

New Year’s Resolutions? Let technology help!

2nd January 2015 | Jane Bond

It’s that time of year again! We all know the feeling; the optimism and positivity that the 1st of January brings with all those changes we promise to make. However statistically, every year by the 22nd of January, a meagre three weeks later, most of these promises are left unfulfilled. Not to ...

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