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Introducing: Adobe XD - A Potential UX Powerhouse

25th March 2016 | Dan Westmancoat

Adobe have recently released a beta version of Adobe Experience Design CC (Adobe XD, formerly Project Comet), a tool from their Creative Cloud offering intended to create user experience prototypes for websites and apps. Our design team have been investigating the tool recently and now it turns t...

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#InstagramME: Putting Influencer Strategy into Practice

20th March 2016 | Jane Bond

“In many respects, influencers are key to making sense of the billions of pieces of content and words that are published throughout social media services. They are the ones we follow, trust, and ultimately help decide what will succeed or fail." – Mark Evans As we are all aware, influencer str...

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Canvas Ads: The revolutionary new Facebook ad format

15th March 2016 | Phillip Cole

Facebook has launched a new ad format, and as usual it has us excited. Canvas Ads are a brand new format for mobile advertising that has the potential to totally revolutionise the way we see and interact with ads on Facebook. What are Canvas Ads? Canvas Ads are a mobile only Facebook ad forma...

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Search Marketing Predictions for 2016

25th January 2016 | Alistair Woolham

A new year brings new trends in digital. Here our Paid Search Manager, Alistair Woolham shares some of his predictions for search marketing in 2016… The Growth of Voice Search What does this mean for PPC? Voice search means people use longer and more natural sounding search queries - for ...

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An Introduction to Facebook Lead Ads

25th January 2016 | Phillip Cole

Social Media advertising is growing at an extremely fast pace, and as such, new features are being implemented to facilitate further growth and provide value to advertisers that will keep them coming back for more across all platforms. One of the most exciting and valuable features to be released i...

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The Rise of Social Media Advertising

22nd January 2016 | Phillip Cole

In a world where marketers are confronted with an ever-evolving palette of options with which to promote their product, it can be become difficult to identify the right mix of channels is for your brand. Regardless of this, over the past year Social Media advertising has seen dramatic increases in ...

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