Digital Trends

Google Glass: innovation, design and the future of SEO

30th July 2013 | Tiffany Tant-Bevin

Introducing Google Glass For those who haven’t already heard, this is the exciting technology presented by Google last year, taking us one step closer to augmented reality becoming a part of our daily lives. Basically, Google Glass is a wearable computer, allowing you to search, take photos,...

Digital Trends

This Month’s Key Trend…Facebook Graph Search

18th July 2013 | Kate Ross

Graph Search is Facebook’s answer to Google’s search engine with a twist. It provides a personal experience that is driven by socially shared content. It engages the Facebook user by offering them up results that are recommended and liked by their friends. This clearly has HUGE ramifications...

Digital Trends

Key New Design Trends in 2013

30th May 2013 | Graham Monaghan

Flat Design. By name, it doesn’t sound particularly inspiring, however, it’s a design trend and route we think is creating some of the most bold and beautiful sites around. Along with Flat design, we’ve taken two more of our favourite design trends in 2013 which we think have legs to become g...

Digital Trends

Image is Everything in 2013

23rd March 2013 | Amy McCulloch

With visual social media trends on the rise, digital marketing is following suit and stripping back the content to make way for visuals to speak to the world. What’s changed? To some the shift from quantity in content to quality in design may have been easy to overlook – after all, social media ...

Digital Trends

Embrace the 2013 Multiscreen Invasion

15th March 2013 | Kate Ross

Digital devices are being deemed technologically obsolete almost faster than it takes to load your web browser. Long gone are the days that a mobile phone was used for generic phone calls or text messaging, that a computer was only found in your study, and that the television alone was enough to occ...

Digital Trends

It's eight&four digital playtime

21st September 2012 | Jessica Bailey

At eight&four we love to play with digital. Digital offers brands the opportunities to interact and engage with individuals and communities in ways that couldn't have been imagined 10 years ago. It doesn't have to expensive, it doesn't have to be resource intensive - it can be cheap, quick and ...

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