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Defining the Role of Social for Travel & Hospitality Brands

3rd May 2015 | Amy McCulloch

We firmly believe that the role of social is not channel specific. Like any other channel social should work to contribute in any of the following ways: Contributing to potential customer needs as they move through the consideration cycle Contributing to the needs of the customer pre/post ho...

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The Klout Score: Measurable or Controversial?

14th February 2015 | Jane Bond

We’ve recently addressed the issue of Social Media reporting and the need to determine ROI. But what about the elephant in the room? The Klout score! Since its launch in September 2009, Klout has been victim to bundles of controversy, at its peak being named “socially evil” by CNNMoney. Alt...

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New Year’s Resolutions? Let technology help!

2nd January 2015 | Jane Bond

It’s that time of year again! We all know the feeling; the optimism and positivity that the 1st of January brings with all those changes we promise to make. However statistically, every year by the 22nd of January, a meagre three weeks later, most of these promises are left unfulfilled. Not to ...

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YouTube: the future of the travel industry?

28th November 2014 | Jane Bond

Our client Melia Hotels International give us a great excuse to spend our time researching the latest digital trends in travel and hospitality and this month we’ve spotted some news we just had to share! The travel industry is a supremely affluent one. Recession or no recession, everyone is det...

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Holidays Are Coming: 2014 Digital Christmas Retail Trends

21st November 2014 | Jessica Bailey

With just 33 days until Christmas, the countdown is well and truly on. For online retailers, it’s the time to ramp up activity as the landscape becomes much more competitive, but increasingly lucrative. As prices are slashed and advertising budgets increase, it’s time to talk tactics as everyone...

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Social Media Reporting: a very tangled web!

13th November 2014 | Jane Bond

With 30 million businesses now on Facebook worldwide, a total of 300 billion tweets sent since its conception, and Instagram photos gaining 1000 comments per second, it’s no secret that we live in a Social Media world. For years the marketing world have racked their brains for a way to quantify...